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145 Hours, A Candle for Focus

$ 700.00
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This special edition XL three-wick candle is the gift of approximately 145 hours a.k.a. 8700 minutes of focus time. Each layer (total of three) burns for approximately 48 hours a.k.a. 2900 minutes. Since this one is so unique and the process to make them was very complex, only 10 were made.

The vessels are handmade in Joya's Brooklyn ceramic studio and are made of cast porcelain, the vessels feature original artwork by Shantell – hand-painted using multiple tools, techniques and textures, vertically at our studio. Each contains different accents of 22k white gold, reflecting the uniqueness of every piece. Each limited edition porcelain vessel contains an even more complex layered wax process that allows for two different scents to activate together while burning–twice. Each distinctive scent is released after a specific lapse of time and helps to indicate a specific mark of time.   

Repurposing Instructions:
Once your candle is finished and the vessel is ready to be repurposed, we recommend using a tissue, towel or rag by hand to wipe off any soot (carbon) that may have accumulated on the inside of the container. You should discard this tissue or rag, so using a dish brush is not advisable. After this process—once the soot has been removed—a hand-wash in soapy water to remove excess should do the trick. For any stubborn, remaining wax elements, leaving the container in a freezer overnight usually encourages the wax to shrink and ultimately pop out. Metal wick stabilizers should also pop out without issue.

Fragrance Notes:

“Silk Pajamas” (black wax)

A blur—sheer, out-of-reach—whose sudden, dramatic yet nuanced herbal inflections stimulate all at once.

Top Notes: clary sage, lavender, chamomile and Cardamom Guatemala

Heart: geranium, rose blossom, lily and coconut

Drydown: violet leaf, amber and pale musk

“Dragon Well” (uncoloured wax)

Uplifting, energizing gyokuro tea—settled and supported by a classic, creamy white floral, woody-musk base: Traditional with a meticulous edge.

Top Notes: cyclamen, shaded green tea and ocean air

Heart: heliotrope, vanilla flower, tuberose and jasmine petals

Drydown: cedar leaf, amber and sweet musk
Net Weight: 1300g / 45.9 oz.
Ingredients: soy wax blend, fine fragrance, essential oil.
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