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Bad Ideas - Vinyl with signed Screenprint

$ 150.00
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Shantell's multi-disciplinary approach to artworks constantly evolves, challenging the conventional art space. "Bad Ideas" embodies this notion in a profound new way, pushing the boundaries of her usual tangible surfaces into the ethereal world of sound. "Bad Ideas" leaps off from the artist's "Present Word" series of live performances and blurs the line between art, music, poetry, performance and soundscapes, all existing simultaneously on multiple precipices.

Shantell's improvisational form of freeform thought and poetry evokes the works of Mark E. Smith and Yoko Ono - a sonic amalgam of post-punk, no-wave and performance art. "Bad Ideas" is being released as an exclusive limited edition vinyl, including a personally signed and numbered poster, blurring the lines between objects, sounds, and art. As a self-released edition produced by the artist herself, acquiring a copy is collecting a rare piece of Shantell's body of work and directly supporting the artist and her continued innovation.

"When I knew I wanted to make an album right away, I knew it should be called "Bad Ideas." This is a nod to my creative practice's inherent risk-taking and experimentation. Within the album's context, "Bad Ideas" symbolizes the risk in pushing boundaries and the challenge of embracing unconventional approaches, which, depending on how you look at it, can be brave or quite the opposite." - Shantell Martin.

Keep an eye out for your digital download after purchasing. This album also comes with a 36" x 36" signed and numbered screenprint.

"If Something Divides, Segregates, Or Separates Us, Question It!
We Need To Come Together And Rise Above All The Fear".

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