Thoughtfully Bold. Positively Inspiring.

Shantell Martin uses an ink marker to create small personal sketches, large-scale murals, live drawings, apparel, and collaborations with artists, brands, and institutions to help empower freedom of identity, creativity, and imagination.

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Esta colección es una evolución. Es una declaración. Es un puente entre... 

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Basándonos en la filosofía de Shantell Martin de que el arte debe... 

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Bienvenido a una variedad de productos diseñados por artistas de una variedad... 

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    "In Black and white, visual-artist Shantell Martin has been drawing the lines that become the words that guide her life's passion to educate while embracing the human condition." - Forbes

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    "Line is at the heart of Ms. Martin’s work." - The New York Times

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    “Shantell’s work shows how false the divide is between the design realm and the fine art realm,” Ott says. “It’s the rare individual who can be that fluid.” - Elle Magazine

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